Past Winners

Daniel Cheung

Best Business

Daniel is a Year 1 student currently studying in Kennedy School, Hong Kong. He loves his brother (Matthew) and would always show support to his brother.

He enjoys every bits of his first year of primary school. There is not a single subject that he does not like at school. At this stage, he is still trying to figure out what he would do when he grows up. He said he wants to do something BIG like his brother.

He loves Mathematics. He claims to know his addition, subtraction, multiplication and division inside out. He is so ready for any numeric challenge coming his way.

In his spare time, he loves singing and dancing. He enjoys playing basketball.

Matthew Cheung

Best Business

Matthew is a Year 6 student currently studying in Kennedy School, Hong Kong. He loves building Lego. He started building Lego when he was 4.

He enjoys raising and breeding goldfish. Under his tender loving care, he proudly raised 4 goldfishes to become teenagers in spring 2015. He continues to be a loving parent.

His favorite subject is ICT (Information & Communication Technology). When he grows up, he wants to study engineering. He has a strong passion to come up with an invention that could help the world to become a better place.

He is a member of the elite swimming team at the Pacific Swimming Club (HK). He is also an active tennis player at the Hong Kong Tennis Association.

Oscar Green

Most Innovative

Oscar is ten years old. He was born in Hong Kong and calls it home. His mother is from South Africa and his father is from the US and he enjoys visiting his family in both countries. Oscar has two sisters and goes to Kennedy School. He loves playing all sports, especially football and rugby. Oscar enjoys talking about new ideas and concepts with his friends and was very enthusiastic about ‘creating’ the bookstore/café idea for the Emerging Entrepreneur Challenge.

Gayathri Eyunni

People's Choice

My passion is to help the poor and needy and create empathy among my peers and community towards less fortunate people. I am particularly interested in creating sustainable schooling and education opportunities for children who are less fortunate and don't have family support for academic excellence, that is an essential part of all-round development. I have immensely enjoyed teaching slum kids in Mumbai and encourage children around me to donate for a cause rather than accept gifts and buy expensive things for self consumption.

I am a creative person; love to dance, sing, make music or movie, write poetry and stories, presentations, paint, and do anything artistic. With my sense of creativity and ease with graphics, I am always happy to help plan, design and bring to life, projects and shows in a democratic and fun way!

Jeongmin Lee

Most Innovative

Born in March 2005, Jeongmin is now 10 years old. He is from South Korea. Every couple of years, his family moves to a different country, and this is his 4th year to live in HK. He likes maths, technology and architecture. In the Emerging Entrepreneur Challenge in June 2015, his group chose to “create” a bookstore/café for their entrepreneur idea.

Cherie Ng

Best Speaker

Cherie is 7 years old from Marymount Primary School. She is a cheerful girl, energetic, adventurous and always stuff with creative ideas. She likes reading, singing, sports and healthy food.

Cherie gained treasurable experience in the AIA Emerging 2015 Entrepreneur Challenge and won the Best Speaker Award. The opportunity to interact with judges and other contestants were inspiring and motivational.

Namir Pasha

Most Innovative

I am Namir Pasha. I was born in HONG KONG. I am ten years old. My mother is from Azerbaijan. My father - from Bangladesh. I have two brothers. I study at the Kennedy School. I am crazy about football. I speak English, Russian, and Mandarin. At my spare time I like to help out at my mother's charities.